Oooh, shade! The sass-master of Chelsea is judging us all!


Lucy Watson at the Cosmopolitan FashFest.

Anonymous: "i know im probably in the minority here, but im not really into proudlock/lucy?? i LOVE them both individually, but there's just something about them being a couple that i just dont like lol. on another note; OMG YESS BINKY getting that new D! ^^ that Will guy seems nice and way cuter than alex the douche. and louise and alik are SO cutee. love them together. they're like a pocket couple, so petite and adorbs ^^"

noo, I totally feel you! The more I think about it the more I realise that I really, really don’t like them as a couple. I can’t even explain what it is that’s bothering me. Well, let’s wait and see.
Haha, well, we can’t really say anything about Will yet, can we? Of course he is nicer and cuter than Mytton, though. Everyone is nicer and cuter than that prick! ;) and yeees, Alik and Louise are. so. cute.! tbh first I didn’t really like Alik, idk there was just something about him!?, but obviously he’s soo in love with Louise and he doesn’t care about Spencer and Jamie talking shit about her and asdfghfds :))

Anonymous: "Thoughts on lucy and proudlock? Seen as they're both your favourites?:)"

Sorry, I’ve just seen your message. Okay… well, I’ve watched the episode only yesterday, so it’s still pretty “fresh” for me and … tbh I have no idea what to think???
As you say, they’re my faves and I love them and each of them is perfect but … are they perfect together? I love them as friends but I’m really not sure yet if I like them as a couple. It’s just so difficult to wrap my head around Proudlock hooking up with someone because he’s always had his girlfriend and he wasn’t involved in all of that drama at all until now. I’m also wondering if this isn’t completely made up by the writers? Like “yay finally we can write Proudlock into some shit!” Aaaand, I have to say, I’m slightly disappointed because as far as I’m concerned Proudlock wouldn’t hook up with one of his bois’ ex-girlfriends and if he did, he would have told Jamie immediately? (but then again, they’ve just been kissing and when you’re drunk a kiss happens fast and honestly? who could blame him for kissing Lucy?;) ) … so yeah, sorry I really don’t know what to think ;) What about you?

Anonymous: "Can you gif more lucy and Jamie maybe please?:)"

oh my god I’m so sorry tumblr didn’t show me any new messages! -.-
Sure! Life’s pretty busy rn but I’ll try :) Do you have any requests in particular?